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I am writing this from the air conditioned splendour of my villa in Riyadh. As I gaze out over the sparkling landscape and shimmering waterfront that just begs for cricket I take a reality check and realise that its just an illusion...

Its concrete dwellings and 45 degrees of heat with little or no green stuff. Its times like this that Manor Fields seems like 3000 miles away... D’oh it is ! The club continues to thrive both on and off the field. We are doing well in our first foray into Div 2 of the FCCL and the midweek team, under new management, is holding its own despite the odd ‘local difficulty’.

The Sunday side has entered the MK Sunday League in Div 2 but has yet to trouble the scorer with a win. Despite this, the long held Shenley tradition of Sunday cricket providing opportunities to all players will continue. It will not become a ‘win at all costs’ side like some others we could all point to, and will retain the ethos that makes us different.

The sight screens at Manor Fields are again proving their worth and for us old gits is one less excuse for a low score. The facilities are always going to remain average but the work going into the ground preparation remains strong. Alan Smith and Tony Clark are good allies to the club and will strive to improve the square to both clubs benefit.

Off the field I have to regret not being available for the event of the year – The Boris Stag Do ! The Northants game against those poor old Australians (yes I did watch it out here) takes on a different meaning now they have been rolled over at Lords. I am sure the "Shenley Massive" will give it the big one at Northampton on the Friday. Judging from Boris’ post on the message board it’s a busy old 2 days. Lets hope he ends up somewhere nice when the train stops Sunday morning... all that clingfilm!

Finally, the Tour to Bournemouth. Colin Wayman in his first year as Tour Director hit the jackpot with the rain gods. Dial S for sun and its was full on cricket time with the odd beer or two thrown in for good measure. Colin will be penning his own tour report but with a track record like that its more of the same for next year please.

That’s enough, I am off for a well deserved fruit juice..... Mmmmmm beer!

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