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04/08/2007 - Four Counties League Division 3

Shenley Church End CC - 229-5 (20 points) DREW with
Eaton Bray 2nd XI - 115-9 (4 points)
SCECC's first Morrant FCCL match for 3 long weeks was a welcome return, but for the second time in 2007 maximum draw points were claimed - and frustration vented at Eaton Bray's dogged resistance - as well as top spot in League 3.

Open University, the main opponents for the title, picked up a 30 point win to shred the gap between top and second to a mere three points, and keeping the pressure up. However, the elusive game in hand should still play a big part on Bank Holiday weekend.

A surprisingly bold choice to stick Shenley in first meant the home team were extremely confident of picking up a win over Bray 2nds, who will remember a crushing defeat by Shenley back in June. A fair start saw 95 from 25 overs, Andy Peacock and Homer Evans getting respectable scores of 38 and 26 respectively.

Anton De Beer shot out for 13, while a brisk 12 from Stuart Burke was cut short with a spectacular one handed catch at deep mid off. Colin Wayman soon departed leaving Shenley on 140 from 34 overs. But you can never write off a low score when Richard Fletcher and Stuart Hardwick batting...

Seeing off Bray's four main bowlers, the 200 mark passed with less than 3 overs to go, and proceed to stuff another 29 to make sure the target of 230 was unattainable. Fletcher knocking 76no in his great return to form, Hardwick yet again undefeated on 33 - including a massive six onto the pavilion!

Bray had no choice but to defend on the back foot, knowing the target couldn't be gained without letting fly and inevitably wickets going down. The home bowlers took a spread of wickets, De Beer profiting greatly.

It took a fantastic late partnership from two visiting batsmen when seven or eight wickets down to frustrate Town, but even with R Fletcher skittling a ninth wicket with two balls to go, Eaton Bray held out to gain an extra point and deny Shenley another ten.

Team: Andy Peacock, Homer Evans, Colin Wayman, Anton DeBeer, Stuart Burke, Richard Fletcher, Stuart Hardwick (c), Steve Palmer (wk), Graham Teagle, Jay Fletcher, Jon Pennells.

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